Known as “DJ Christian Green “, Cristian Popescu was born on the 22nd of October, 1984, in a little town, called Nehoiu, near Buzau, Romania.

Cristian was only 14 years old when he discovered music as the passion of his life, and he started to run away from home, through the window, every night, to play music in the club. His mother and father still don’t know about that.

Not so long after that, in 2003, he decided that he needs a new path that he found in Brasov, as a resident DJ at the local clubs.

His Radio Station career started in Buzau in 2005, at Focus FM, where he worked both as a DJ and producer.

Mixing both Radio Station broadcasts and club residences, in Buzau, since Christian played in hundreds of clubs through all Romania.

The next step was Radio Deea Bucharest, in 2007. Radio Deea was well-known as the one and only electronic music station in Romania at that time. Nowadays, Radio Deea broadcasts only online.

The most important step in Christian’s career was joining Vibe FM. Radio Deea has now turned into Vibe FM, and Christian started a new podcast called “Vibe Mix”. The new podcast reached 70.000 listeners every day in less than 1 year. For 7 years, “Vibe Mix” had been reaching to people’s ears for 1 hour every weekday.

His sets were played at many popular radio stations in Romania.

In 2008, Christian had reached the Liberty Parade line-up for the first time and remained there for 7 years. Also, in 2008 had his first release, called “La Playa”.

Christian had a flourishing career at Vibe FM until late 2014, when, unfortunately, the trust decided that the radio should turn into an oldies station.

In 2015, for the first time, Christian played as a guest for the Deep Vibes podcast at Ibiza Global Radio, one of the most important electronic music stations in the world.

Through the years, Christian’s music productions have been proudly listened in the mixes of great artists like Marco Carola or Richie Hawtin.

Christian now focuses on production, only in the last months having more than 6 EP releases, his first techno album reaching the 2nd place in Beatport Top 100.

Christian promises that he will carry on the tradition of the “In The Mix” podcast, broadcasted weekly at 6 radio stations in Europe.